In 2019 we were ministering at our Stepping Out Conference in North Carolina for a Spanish church. At the conclusion of the conference, the people were so fired up they began to call family in Guatemala, praying for the sick. People were getting healed and saved over the phone. Three weeks later the Pastor invited us to Guatemala and we saw incredible things happen. While there the Lord said to me: “Tim, there will be places you go and maybe never go back but there are places I will keep calling you to and I will give you that nation and this is one of them.” Since then we have connected with many Pastors there. We have been in the homes of Mayors and City Officials. We have seen many salvations/healings/deliverances. I have personally gained spiritual children there. We have lead teams there every time. Now there is a weekly TV program called ACTIVA TU FE that one of the Pastors and her team preaches the Gospel on the program. (Activa tu fe is “Activate your Faith”, which is the spanish translation of Stepping Out

Here is a Pastor giving a video testimony of how Stepping Out (Activa Tu Fe) has impacted her family, ministry and the nation. 

Ask of me and I will give the nations for your inheritance” Psalm 2:7-8